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normtec is a Small CONSULTANCY & SERVICE company Specialising in RADIOACTIVE and Other HAZARDOUS MATERIALs.

We provide scientific consultancy and assessment services in three key fields:

1.       The Oil & Gas industry and their contractors: specialising in management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) including Surveys, Operations, Transport, Disposal and Training

 2.       Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal

 3.       The Nuclear industry and their contractors: specialising in decontamination,  decommissioning and waste management



To advise and provide solutions – for example:

  • NORM and radiological issues for oil & gas companies at home and abroad

  • Decontamination and waste management issues for the nuclear industry

  • Management of hazardous materials

To provide support, sampling & assessment:

  • Analytical services including γ-spectrometry

  • Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS)

  • Monitoring including assessment for clearance

  • Training packages

  • Radon surveillance

  • Certified broker for waste treatment and disposal services

 SCOPE OF WORK includes advisory and supporting services in the following areas;

  • Radiation and Contamination Site Surveys

  • Building and land remediation

  • RPS and Awareness Training

  • Providing ‘Local Rules’ and Radiological Protection of the workforce

  • Monitoring regimes and assessment for clearance

  • Decontamination of plant and equipment

  • Waste management & environmental issues

  • Sampling, measurement & analysis of results

  • Accountancy and control of special materials

  • Facility, QA and safety management

  • Risk Assessments including COSHH

  • UK Legislation e.g. H&S & IRRs, Transport, and Environmental Protection

  • Application of European Guidelines and ‘Best Practice’

  • Hazardous Waste Stabilisation/Solidification and disposal

  • Decommissioning Methods and Strategies

GENERIC Project Responsibilities

normtec will be responsible to client management for advice and supporting services delivering safe and regulatory compliant policies for radioactive and other hazardous materials. We seek and deliver solutions consistent with ‘Best Practice’, company values and government legislation.

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We have over 100 years practical & managerial knowledge within our small team with with first hand operational experience in many fields within the nuclear and similar industries; including Radiological Protection, Decontamination, Decommissioning and Waste Management and R&D projects. We have gained recognition through international papers and national articles with noteworthy appointments on UK Working Parties and credited with three Patents. Past appointments include managerial, supervisory, safety and QA posts in facilities handling hazardous materials such as uranium, plutonium, tritium, beryllium, thermite and sodium.

normtec was established in 2001 and commissioned to manage the impact of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) throughout the life cycle of an Oil and Gas exploration site set in an environmentally sensitive location in the UK. We have retained continual employment with this major international company and were nominated for an innovative award in 2003. More recently, in 2010/11 we completed a thorough radiological mapping survey in the Middle East and provided radiological protection training for local staff.

Our qualifications include practical and theoretical certification in Plant and Analytical Chemistry. We are fully trained and experienced Radiological Protection Supervisors (RPS) with recognised industrial training and standards in High Pressure Water Jetting, COSHH, Safety Management, and Quality Auditing.  Moreover, our CVs demonstrate capability in a myriad projects from cleaning highly contaminated nuclear facilities to remediation of land and listed buildings. Since 2001 we have been able to transfer much of this experience across to other industries; particularly the Oil & Gas Sector in the Management of NORM.


Recent/Current normtec tasks include:

Text Box:  Ø  Contracting to an accredited waste management company; providing On-Site assessment and waste treatment of NORM wastes in the UK.

 Ø  Radiation & contamination surveys at a large gas plant in the Middle East.

 Ø  Developing a robust Stabilisation/Solidification process for pre-treatment and disposal of Hazardous NORM wastes in teh UK.

 Ø  Consultancy and Coordination of all NORM operations at Wytch Farm . Our role now leads a specialised team to control and manage NORM issues on the asset. After 8 years providing consultancy for BP our Radiation Protection Supervisor remains on site to coordinate and supervise daily operations for Perenco.

Our experience includes key roles in practical operations in many locations in the UK and abroad and we have demonstrated skills and teamwork to meet task expectations. For example, other tasks have included:

Ø  NORM Survey of a gas distribution depot in the UK and advice on decommissioning

Ø  Monitoring and analytical methods for ‘Free Release’ in the UK

Ø  Radioactive transport, storage and tracking procedures

Ø  Fallout scenarios in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection

Ø  Decontamination/Decommissioning of valves/vessels contaminated with oil and NORM

Ø  R&D to decontaminate lead bricks contaminated with fission products

Ø  Worker protection, control & containment of hazardous materials

Ø  LSA/NORM de-scaling of tubulars, waste conditioning and disposal

Ø  Defence papers for a client facing prosecution

Ø  Sampling and conditioning of NORM wastes

Ø  Radiochemical contamination studies in paint and metals

Ø  Preparation of a large filter unit contaminated with polonium for safe transport

Ø  Safe removal/disposal of toxic paint from a dockside crane in Poole Harbour

Ø  BPM studies in waste management and environmental options

Ø  Risk assessments, accountancy and control of materials, wastes and discharges

Ø  Proactive in R&D relating to NORM issues with Universities and IAEA

Ø  Decontamination of nuclear plant in Hungary and Slovakia

Ø  Site assessment of a Sahara Oil & Gas Field

Ø  Consultant for the safe remediation of radioactive, biological & chemical hazards

Ø  Decontamination of highly radioactive facilities rooms and caves.


Thus, we have proven abilities in many challenging projects, including safe decontamination and decommissioning of radioactive and hazardous facilities, plant and equipment.  Indeed, we communicate our experience to others through conferences and local presentations to management and workers alike.

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Our Commitment: Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Performance

Our Goals: No Accidents, No Harm to People and No Damage to the Environment

Our Policy:

Safety. Our priority is safety - to ourselves, work colleagues, the public and the environment. We will identify hazards, assess the risks associated with our activities and take appropriate action to manage risk. We work with our clients to meet their safety objectives and require our contractors to meet these standards too.

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Health. We
recognise that safe operations depend on technically sound equipment and working practices - and competent people. Thus, we will ensure staff, contractors and partners are informed, trained and competent in their roles and responsibilities and engaged in good health practices.

Environmental Protection. We aim to protect the environment and promote ‘Best Practical Environmental Options’ by re-use and disposal. We
minimise, sort and recycle where possible the wastes generated by our activities.  Where pollution exists, we assist our clients in remediation.

Risk Management. We aim to anticipate and prepare for emergency situations through thorough ‘Method Statements’, prior Risk Assessments and training of personnel.

Regulations. We comply with legislation and Codes of Practice applicable in the areas we work. In the UK these include the
Ionising Radiations Regulations, Road Transport and Environmental Protection Regulations. In addition, we liaise and comply with our client’s HSE standards and expectations. Indeed we will be proactive in ensuring compliance.

HSE Performance Evaluation and Reporting. We strive to openly report our and continually improve our performance. Incidents will be investigated. Lessons learnt will be used to help prevent recurrence and improve our future performance

Sustainable Development. We are committed to assisting our clients in continuous improvement. Through our own efforts, and those of associates and partners we develop training and implement ‘Best Available Technology” for social and environmental issues.


Quality Assurance. We adopt our clients’ quality requirements and are committed to ensuring these and associated HSSE aspects are satisfied. Text Box:

Managing Director  


We work closely with clients to meet and if possible exceed expectations and it is good to receive some acknowledgement from time to time. A few are reproduced below:

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Normtec regularly prepare NORM wastes for disposal and provide, as part of the service, supporting analysis and documentation for disposal and regulatory reporting. Following our operations in 2011 we received the following commendation from one of our regular clients:


Thanks for this information.  I will discuss your suggestion with …………….. during their annual audit in November before committing to procedural changes and acquisition of the reference. 

I should also say that assistance given last year to help material enter landfill, your recognised standards of work at site and peripheral work such as that identified in your mail below caused us to commend normtec to ………………………. at a recent site meeting.

Kind regards,


We have also been approached to chair an International Conference on NORM

 From: Makadia, Neena
Sent: 27 January 2011 12:00
To: Roger
Subject: Chairman for NORM conference

 Dear Roger,

I am looking for a Chairman for the NORM conference which I have produced. I was wondering whether you would consider taking up this position or indeed whether you have any suggestions as to who could take on that position.

I have attached the NORM brochure for your perusal and I would be very grateful if you would be able to let me know if you are able to participate.

Kind regards,


Neena Makadia

Conference Producer

IBC Energy


Our contributions have been are recognised and we come recommended by a major Oil & Gas Company.

FAO: Elaine Teruya

TSL Engenharia Ambiental


Dear Madam

Certificate of Capacity

I am writing to confirm that Mr Roger Bond of normtec(RDB)Ltd is currently engaged at BP Wytch Farm in the role of specialist consultant.

Since 2001, his responsibility, has been to lead a small specialist team in managing all aspects of NORM arising from our exploration activities including; radiological protection, storage & transport, sampling & analysis, decontamination & disposal and regulatory compliance.

Naturally, we remain pleased with his contribution and can recommend his appointment.

Yours faithfully

HSE Team