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Case Studies
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  • Treatment and Disposal of Hazardous NORM wastes for a gas distribution company
  • Site investigations to locate and arrange disposal of ?lost sources? for a waste management company in Wales
  • Environmental option study for a major waste management company
  • Care and maintenance contract for Radiological Protection Instruments
  • Establishing regulatory compliance programme with a UK waste disposal company
  • Market research, assembly and commissioning of gamma spectroscopy equipment
  • Development of a Stabilisation/solidification process for Hazardous waste
  • Training in NORM for managers, supervisors and operators including theory and practical sessions for Radiation Protection Supervisors
  • Coordinator for an IAEA Scientific Visit to the UK providing information exchange in regard to NORM waste management.
  • Professional Advisor to a waste management company facing prosecution.
  • Advisor to remediate a number of redundant facilities contaminated with toxic materials including:
    • Factory and ventilation plant contaminated with lead and polonium isotopes
    • An animal testing facility contaminated with biochemical and radio chemicals
    • Defense facilities contaminated with radium, beryllium, and cadmium
  • Consultant to a major UK Nuclear Services Company working in Decommissioning. The work addressed two very different Decontamination tasks:
    • Decontamination of over 5000 Tonnes of redundant lead bricks
    • Contamination mechanisms associated with Magnox Fuel Skip cycle
  • Consultant in two related projects,Best Replica Watches to NIREX and a UK Consortium working in Transport and Disposal of Nuclear Fuel and Wastes. The work addressed the performance of Waste Containers and Fuel Flasks travelling in the public sector
"Assessment of NORM and its regulatory
interpretation is the most difficult challenge
facing the profession"
Health Physics Society 2002
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