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Roger Bond Director, NORMTEC (RDB) Ltd

Current Positions
Consultant to BNFL & RWE Solutions
Peer Reviewer to NIREX & NSG Environmental
Team Leader (BP)
Director, NORMTEC(RDB)Ltd

Security Status
Defence Vetted (Atomic)
HNC Chemistry with Endorsement in Advanced Analytical Techniques

Year of birth


Summary of Experience
Roger Bond has over 30 years operational experience, in five main areas:
  • Fuel Manufacture (Chemical and Nuclear)
  • Decontamination Operations and R&D
  • Nuclear Decommissioning and Land Remediation
  • NORM Legislative and Management issues
  • Facility Management of Nuclear Plant
Common issues have included full life cycle of technical management
  • Sampling, Analysis and Assessment of the Problem
  • Practical Decontamination Technologies and Operations
  • Radiological and Occupational H&S Protection
  • Waste Management and Environmental Solutions
1. Currently, Team Leader for a major Oil Company progressing novel and environmental solutions for NORM management at Wytch Farm, a unique land based asset, situated in a UK conservation area.  The work focus embraces client values and ?Best Practice? compliant with both changing UK legislation and International guidance. Issues addressed include;
  • Pioneering Decontamination and Waste Management Technologies
  • NORM monitoring, and assessment programme to maximise ?Exempt  Disposal? and ?Free Release? of materials and wastes
  • Rationalisation of Sampling, Analysis and Assessment
  • Auditable systems for tracking contaminated equipment and NORM
  • Studies for Best Practical Environmental Options
  • Radiation Protection of the workforce and includes new ?Local Rules?

I have recently been appointed local representative to the Environment Agency and a nominated candidate for a ?Helios? award for environmental monitoring.

2. Currently consultant to a major UK Nuclear Services Company working in Decommissioning. The work addresses Decontamination of over 5000 tonnes of redundant equipment. My role is to scientifically test, and assess, the performance of cleaning systems. A significant working study has just been completed, together with a fully validated report.

My work has provided a sound basis on which to procure a propriety system for radioactive operation. My role will continue during the commissioning phase and, ultimately, ?Hand Over? to operations staff.

3. Currently consultant in two related projects, to a UK Consortium working in Transport and Disposal of Nuclear Fuel and Wastes. The work addresses thee performance of Waste Containers and Fuel Flasks travelling in the public sector. My role is to assess the past, present and future contamination and decontamination properties of stainless steels and specialist paint formulations.

Improvements are sought to meet international legislation and minimise risks to public health that satisfy client reputation and public perception. My contributions to date have included;

  • Peer Review of ?Best Practice? Guide, followed by ?Workshop? discussions on Stainless Steels
  • An empirical study and full report relating to performances of three proprietary paint systems
Recent Responsibilities (AEA Technology)
1. Team Leader of a small consultancy team to support company decommissioning projects. Although the team specialised in decontamination and containment interests relating to radioactive material, all aspects of handling toxic and hazardous materials were addressed to full fill the need for operator protection and environmental control. Projects included:

  • Decommissioning Plutonium Facilities at Dounreay
  • NORM Decontamination in Sahara Oilfield
  • Equipment development inc. pipe monitors and electrochemical cells
  • LSA De-scaling of clay mining equipment for refurbishment
2. Business development of a Company Trademark product, in areas of RAM containment during decommissioning, NORM decontamination facilities, armed forces NBC containment and NGO surgery and rescue posts.

3. Review and assessment for MoD of proven and novel protocols for vehicle and personnel decontamination as applied in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threat scenarios.

4. Establishing a large NORM de-scaling facility at Winfrith Technology Centre to serve the operational and abandonment programmes of a major UK Oil Company. Work included close liaison and understanding of requirements followed by appropriate design within an existing building framework. Installed processes include Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHPWJ) and a sophisticated Waste Management System to address BPEO for waste disposal.

5. Tie-down and contamination control proposals at Chernobyl

6. Consultancy work for UKAEA/USDOE relating to glove box/cave decommissioning at Hanford/Rocky Flats (USA) and Dounreay (UK)

7. Development of a process for decontamination of radioactive lead bricks. The process comprised Particle Impact Cleaning and smelting followed by assessment.

A notable feature of past and present work is innovation; being credited with three patents and three pending. Thus a considerable proportion of duties are as Proposal Manager or providing technical contribution to solving business needs and customer inquiries (or tenders) with emphasis on ?Best Practice? (e.g. BPEO/BATNEEC/ALARP principles).

Past experience
  • NORM De-scaling
  • Radiological Protection
  • Statistical Monitoring Assessment
  • Tie down and strippable coatings
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Plutonium glove box decommissioning
  • Sodium handling
  • Post irradiation examination caves
  • Pressure suit room operation
  • Active Transport flasks and bays
  • Nuclear Reactor decontamination
  • R&D for Decontamination Technology
  • Mixed oxide fuel manufacture
  • Paint and materials testing
  • Tritium facility operation
  •  Electrochemistry
  •  Pyrophoric charge manufacture
  •  Aerosol simulation
  •  Containment of toxic materials
Throughout my career an important feature has been first hand knowledge of operations and supporting R&D projects in Fuel Fabrication, Decontamination, Decommissioning and Waste Management, encompassing the full life cycle of radioactive materials.

Experience as Project Manager at Winfrith Technology Centre
  • Plutonium fuel production and development including binderless ceramics and coated particles
  • Separation and treatment of tritium and pyrophoric uranium
  • Treatment and disposal of uranium in oil
  • Development of decontamination methods to aid nuclear decommissioning including concrete, paint and substrate removal using mechanical scabbling and high pressure water jetting
  • Manufacture and disposal of thermite mixtures
  • NORM/LSA de-scaling of oil field components
  • Foam decontamination for PIE caves and pressure suit rooms
  • ModuCon? containment applications
  • Cleaning and inspection of radioactive drains and ventilation ducting
  • Development of an electrochemical decontamination process for de-categorisation of metals for ?Free Release?
  • Decommissioning plutonium glove boxes
  • Assessment of bagless posting for plutonium handling
  • Decommissioning an Intermediate Level Waste fuel store
  • Development of foam cleaning methods and tools
  • Sodium decontamination and disposal
  • Contamination mechanisms and simulant trials
  • Handling beryllium and other toxic materials
  • Reviews and assessments of decontamination technology
  • Decontamination and decommissioning of a plutonium fuels laboratory
Posts & Secondments at other Locations
  • Site and Project Manager at Amersham International
  • NORM Consultant and Team Leader at BP Wytch Farm sites, Dorset
  • Decontamination Specialist at Crosfields Chemicals, Warrington
  • Nuclear Tasks Consultancy in Madrid & Vandellos for Spanish Contractor
  • Project and Team Leader at PAKS Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary
  • Decontamination Consultant at DIDO, Harwell
  • Speaker/Author at Waste Management Conferences in Tucson, USA
  • Business Manager for ventilation maintenance at Devonport Dockyard
  • Decontamination Specialist at A1, Bohunice, Slovakia
  • Site Manager at JET, Culham
  • Decontamination Consultant at DERA, Porton Down
  • Proposal Consultant for major UK and Spanish decontamination tasks
  • Speaker/Author at specialist conferences in UK, France and Sardinia
  • Project Manager for tasks at HM Naval Base, Portsmouth
  • Manager for Site operations in South Wales for British Steel
  • Project Manager and Technician at Poole Quay
  • Superintending Manager at AWE (Cardiff)
  • Consultant at Ditton Park remediation project
  • Project Advisor and Operations Manager at Sizewell ?A? (Magnox Electric)
  • Decontamination Specialist during Land Remediation at former UK Mod Site
  • NORM/LSA Consultant for a German oil company in Libya
Career history
Promotional progression through Project Management Structure: firstly since 1968 through UKAEA and recently since 1995 through AEA Technology.

UKAEA Experience
Early tasks related to development of sampling and analytical methods together with reporting. Later responsibilities included safety and project management of multi-disciplinary teams working in the following fields:

  • Contamination transport and mechanisms
  • Handling and treatment of hazardous materials
  • Fuel Fabrication (Radioactive and Chemical)
  • Decommissioning and Decontamination Operations
  • Diverse Research & Development projects related to decontamination
  • Paint, tie-down and strippable coatings
AEA Technology Experience
Work diversified considerably and includes the following examples.

1. Contract Manager for conditioning of 18 tonnes of miscellaneous depleted uranium wastes. This work included inspection and streaming of wastes for disposal at the customer site followed by treatment at Winfrith for disposal.

2. Project/Site Manager for refurbishment of a dockside crane for Poole Harbour Commissioners deploying Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting for removal of toxic paint followed by repainting in a modern system. The work required containment and disposal of wastes to minimise environmental risks.

3. Project manager for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical decontamination studies with DERA on behalf of naval and field armed forces. Research included nuclear fall-out characterisation and follow up troop protection assessment in practical trials using a purpose made simulant. Reports relate results with radiological implications in field scenarios. The work required close liaison with staff at the ?Phoenix? Training Centre, Portsmouth and Porton Down, Salisbury.

4. Decontamination Specialist at redundant Eastern Block nuclear power plant following a past accident in a large hall. The work spanned two years to include strategic approach, planning and risk assessment, mobilisation of resources, liasing and training local labour, and finally overseeing operations to successful completion. An international paper was later prepared with local staff and presented at an international conference.

5. Team Leader for many operational tasks in UK including decontamination and refurbishment of highly contaminated glove boxes, ?Hot Cells?, Caves and Pressure Suit Rooms (including sumps, drains and HEPA ventilation)

6. Safety appointments at Winfrith included Operations Manager for a NII Category I facility during decommissioning. Responsible for overseeing construction and commissioning of a new Category III Plant at Winfrith. Assignments included full Safety Case preparation and included ATO Holder of this and a lower category Store. The work required full risk assessment of Industrial and Radiological risks.

7. Management posts have included department training manager with personnal responsibility for Respirator and Pressure Suit training programmes.

8. Business Development of a 3 year contract to inspect, maintain, decontaminate and sterilise all radioactive ducting at Devonport Dockyard, requiring close co-operation with the client, AEA Technology staff and a specialist contractor

9. Consultant for a range of UK and European tasks including:

  • NIREX repository considerations in relation to chemical complexants
  • LSA de-scaling of clay mining equipment from Cornwall
  • Remediation of radium contaminated buildings and land
  • Tie-down products for Chernobyl

Professional activities
Experience in Nuclear Operations included membership of some notable groups:-

UK Plutonium Contaminated Materials Working Party
UK Decontamination Working Party
Atomic Energy ?Code of Practice? 1002 - Working Group
Atomic Energy ?Code of Practice? 1067 - Working Group
BSI Technical Committee NCE/5

A wide range spanning 30 years; initially day-release leading to academic qualifications and subsequently on and off the job training including:

  • HNC Chemistry
  • Endorsement in Advanced Analytical Techniques
  • Project and Safety Management
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor
  • QA Auditing
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Facility Management inc. ATO/LTO Holder
  • RPE, including Pressure Suit Operations
  • COSHH Assessor
  • Risk Assessment
  • Work force Supervision
  • Health & Safety Regulations (as employer and employee)
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Operations and Supervision
  • Paint formulation

Recent Reports 2001-2002

?Monitoring and Clearance of NORM Contaminated Tubulars?          

?Review of Techniques for NBC Decontamination in the Field?

?Lead Brick Decontamination using a Particle Impact Cleaning System?
?Skip Decontamination. A Brief Review?


PAST Articles


?Decontamination Techniques?           

?ATOM? 1989

Nuclear Decontamination using High Pressure Water Jetting? (Industrial Jetting Report 68)

BHRA  1989


Conference/Symposia Papers


IBC Global Conferences
(International Conference on Decommissioning Experience)
?Decontamination and Monitoring for Clearance?


Institute of Nuclear Engineers
(International Conference on Nuclear Containment)
?A Modular Solution to Temporary Containment Problems?


Jet Cutting Technology - 3 International Papers including;
?Removal of Compensator Coating at Paks NPP, Hungary?

1984, 1988, 1996

Waste Management ?96
?Reactor Hall Decontamination at A-1 Bohunice, Slovakia?


American Nuclear Society ?Spectrum 88?
?Development of Decontamination Techniques at Winfrith?


Star Seminar ?Decontamination of Buildings Hot Cells and Facilities?


Transport of RAM Advisory Committee(TRAMAC) - 3 Papers


Annual Informal Meeting re AECP 1002  - Numerous UK Papers


Decontamination Working Party Symposium 1990
Technical reports
Over 50 internal/external technical reports to major UK companies including Amersham International, British Nuclear Fuels plc, British Petroleum, Imerys, Lloyds, CEGB, JET, MoD and UKAEA covering the following subjects: 1970 onwards:
  • Monitoring and Clearance of NORM contaminated items
  • High Pressure Water Jetting (Theory & Applications)
  • Electrochemical Decontamination
  • ?Dry Ice? Cleaning
  • NORM/LSA De-scaling
  • Decontamination by Foam Reagents
  • Testing and Comparison of materials for nuclear use
  • Decontamination of Hot Cells, Caves, Suit Rooms, etc.
  • Flask Contamination mechanisms and cure
  • Nuclear Fall Out Studies and COLPRO
  • Reviews/Comparison of Decontamination Techniques
  • Bagless Posting for handling MOX Fuel
  • Concrete Removal by High Pressure Water Jetting and Scabbling
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Nuclear Insurance Liability Assessment
  • Decommissioning Plutonium Glove Boxes
  • Paint Evaluation & Testing
  • Skip and Pond Furniture Decontamination
  • Tie Down and strippable coatings
  • Containment of toxic materials
  • Pu02 Aerosol Transportation
  • Chemical Complexants

Other Papers/Documentation



Safety Cases for NII Licensing Category II and III facilities

1989 - 1998

Training Manual of Decontamination Techniques


Department QA Programme and Procedures

1982 - 1990

Capability Brochures for Decontamination Techniques

1985 - 1998

Patent Applications

1977, 1980, 1992, 1999

2000, 2001

Decontamination Safety Working Party Minutes and Papers


Decontamination Working Party Minutes and Papers


Atomic Energy Code of Practices 1002 and 1067 Revisions


BSI Technical/Committee Revisions


QA Audit Reports

1985 - 1995

Building Survey Reports and Land Quality Statement (QA Decontamination Handover docs.)


Long term interests outside work include the following:

  • Sailing, both cruising and racing
  • Photography - amateur
  • Youth development
  • Volleyball - league competition
  • DIY - Cottage restoration using traditional methods