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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

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Technically enhanced consultancy ? meaning advice and solutions based on acquired information.


Site surveying is one of our specialities applying representative and appropriate sampling regimes.


Alpha, beta, gamma monitoring, sampling, analysis and radionuclide assessment

o    Non-Intrusive monitoring and surveying

o    Simple ?On-Site? analysis including gamma spectroscopy

o    Accredited laboratory back-up

Hazardous chemical properties to comply with regulatory Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC)

o    Detailed laboratory analysis is accredited to appropriate British Standards

o    Sampling and Analysis methods are in accordance with latest Environment Agency guidelines


On completion of the survey we apply statistical and common sense assessment
How we do it
"Assessment of NORM and its regulatory
interpretation is the most difficult challenge
facing the profession"
Health Physics Society 2002
normtec is committed to protecting people and the environment, and thus our clients? reputation