Technically Enhanced Consultancy
NORMTEC - Specialists in Hazardous and
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
The Environment
Agency vision:
"A greener
business world"
Who we are
We are specialists in the management life cycle of Hazardous, Nuclear & Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.

The normtec team are passionate team players, both knowledgeable and experienced on the field, and committed to ?a better place to be?.

Finally we believe that 'ownership' really make our policies 'live?.- they demonstrate we care for people and places too.

How we help
Company directors
The Community
"We understand that, to achieve the goals we all share, we need to be pragmatic yet passionate.
Getting results our client seeks requires good communication, how we cooperate, respond and interact - and team work !"
Roger Bond
normtec is committed to protecting people and the environment, and thus our clients? reputation