Technically Enhanced Consultancy
NORMTEC - Specialists in Hazardous and
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
Achieving results
in decontamination,
decommissioning and
waste management  
Why we do it
We want to make a difference. We love it!

Our principles
  • We care about your health & safety and our environment.
  • Our approach, influences and help others to protect people and the environment.
  • The challenge is to rise above compromise.
  • We analyse and advise - and see the task through.

    Speaking Up
    Which is why to contribute to the debate on important issues like regulatory
    double standards.
  • Our services
    "The strength of any company is judged not just by its financial results...
    but also how it conducts business"
    John Brown, bp
    normtec is committed to protecting people and the environment, and thus our clients’ reputation